Alan Gusching

As I read and reread Dave’s email announcing Anne’s passing a flood of remembrances come to me:
• Anne teaching me how to cook several of my now favorite dishes: pan seared salmon, garlic mashed cauliflower, blueberry pancakes with real hand-whipped cream, Italian sausage stuffing
• Weekly pork tenderloin dinners at Outback
• On stage in Harvey as a last minute replacement actress
• Fishing with my kids in Arizona
• Paddling on Blue Mountain Lake to pick wild blueberries
• Motor boat ride pointing out various camps on Blue, Eagle and Utowana lakes
• Encouraging her colleague Patti to try out Jaime for a role in a reader’s theater edition of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
• Awed at her rendition of the Scottish play
• Comforting her dog Logan after a bit of discipline
• Modeling her Derby hats
• Learning to appreciate modern art with my personal docent at various museums
• Marveling at the artwork she was creating for her Blue Mountain Lake house
• Walking with her along the trails in Sedona
Anne, I so miss your gentle spirit that I came to know so well during my several years of visiting with you and Dave each week when I stayed at your home during the days I worked in Piqua. You were such a great friend to my family over the years as you invited us to share your homes in Sedona and Blue Mountain Lake. I pray each day for the repose of your soul. Rest in peace. Alan