Mine Gusching

Dear Anne,

We are so so sad at the thought of not seeing you for awhile. We already miss you so much. I miss your hug, your laughter, and the way you would walk into our house with an awesome hat and colorful outfit, your beloved Logan tucked under your arm. We were so close to seeing you one more time on your way to Sedona this November.

Dave, I am so sorry for your loss. You made such a good husband and wife team. You were devoted to her well being, tirelessly changing her bandages, taking her to doctor visits, keeping her buoyant without complaint. In every situation you had her back. Sincere gratitude for taking such good care of her. 

Anne, A-N-N-E, that word spells mom in Turkish, my first language. And I have to say Anne was a wonderful mom to many kids. I met her at Edison College where I taught math and she taught art and directed plays. I remember she always had students in her office.  They adored her and sought her advice. Anne was so available to them. Whether it be at play rehearsals, at the art gallery, or on campus, Anne was always surrounded. She was in tune with her students. She championed their causes during their time at Edison and long after they graduated. Anne decorated her office door with pictures, announcements, colorful commentaries. I first viewed the beautiful landscapes of Sedona, Arizona by gazing at a photo posted on Anne's door. 

One summer in 2001, my family and I decided to visit Sedona on our vacation to the Grand Canyon. At the time, Anne and Dave were fixing up their house. They showered us with hospitality none-the-less. We shared a wonderful meal together at a nearby park, where Anne caught trout from the pond. My kids soon learned that Anne was an expert fishermen with all kinds of hooks and gear passed on to her from her father. From this vacation onward, we visited Anne and Dave often and they started to become part of our family. 

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Our teenage kids totally respected Anne and her many talents. She showed them fishing tricks, directed them in The Scottish Play, cooked healthy meals for them, and continually showed up at their important life events. Our story is a beautiful story of how friends can become family.

It was always a treat to go with Anne to museums, hear Shakespeare stories, and hunt for bargains at thrift stores. She was up-cycling before the word was invented. She lived such a gloriously rich intellectual life. 

I will always appreciate my memories of Anne and treasure her advice. I will remember her big smile, how she shook her head approvingly, and how her big eyes glimmered with excitement. She listened attentively. She spoke up against injustice. She stayed true to her compass and encouraged all of us to do the same. 

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The day I learned Anne died, the sun never came out. It rained all day. It really felt like the whole world was sad that we lost our Annie. My older sister is gone for now and I keep crying. But then, I am struck with the thought that Anne loved the sunshine. I know that wherever you are, you will be basking in the sunshine. Anne you are free of your ailments. Where you are now, Anne, I hope you are enjoying hot water with lemon, eating everything you want without caring about the ingredients, finding all the right actors for your a fabulous Shakespeare plays, staying warm, and painting to your hearts content with full, sweeping arm motions. 

May you rejoice and run around reconnecting with your loved ones in your heavenly home. Farewell my older sister until we meet again. Thank you for including me and my family in your circle of love. 

- Mine Gusching and Family