From Connie Bernholz, Utica, NY

I believe that it was the summer of 1956 or 1957, I am not quite sure which, that I remember first excitedly looking forward to a visit by my cousin and her family. My grandmother and my mom, were hurrying to get things ready. I know that I thought that someone important must be coming. Later that day, as they did every following, Anne and her parents would roll into my grandmother's driveway with their boat in tow. You see Anne's dad would not think of starting his vacation without stopping at his mother's house for the weekend. While there he attempted to aid his mother in any way he could, doing electrical work, odd jobs and fixing things. This gave Anne and I lots of time to play together. We were both only children and having her there for a weekend was a special treat. She was a couple of years older than I was and she always brought a big box of toys that she had outgrown. It was a treasure chest to me, although it was a cardboard box. It was filled with things from one inch dolls to games and books. We played with them together for hours on end. Their visits became one of the occasions I most looked forward to each summer. The visits always began or ended with at fish dinner at my grandma's favorite restaurant at the lake. They then went on to Blue Moutain Lake. My eyes still water when I remember those two young girls playing on my grandmother's porch and feeling that they had a kindred spirit, who made them feel less alone.