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Greetings to the family and friends of the late, lovely, loving, and lovable Anne Vaccaro. This Web site is dedicated to honoring this most wonderful person who touched so many lives with love, grace, guidance, support, friendship, art and theater, and always, a sparkle her eyes, and a warm and welcoming smile. Dave is indebted to Jaime Gusching for the inspiration and hard work that has allowed us to have a long-term venue to honor Anne.

Anne lived mainly in five different places in the US- Philadelphia; Atlanta; Piqua, OH; and splitting her time between Sedona, AZ, and Blue Mountain Lake, NY in retirement.  Many of us have chunks of memory of Anne. Dave was blessed with 40 years of wonderful experiences and memories, and he has attempted to capture not only those 40 years, but also some of what he remembers about her first 30 years. There is biographical information that may help you to understand parts of Anne’s life that you might not have experienced, including a picture gallery.

Many of you had close friendships and shared the ride of your life with Anne. We hope you too will share your memories, reflections, and pictures.

This site will be available for at least a year, and we hope it will be growing constantly with your contributions. Here are major essays Dave has prepared by way of background.

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As I wrote somewhere else, I think she likes me. I liked and loved her so much...I was blessed. 

  • Obituary
  • General biography
  • Fine art work
  • The Edison School at Orr Felt
  • Theater arts work
  • Music talents
  • Costuming
  • Christmas

Please enjoy this site, help to expand it, and revisit often. Jaime and I have worked hard to get this ready for 2018. I will be adding to the content for at least several weeks into 2018. Many of you have memories of Anne that I hope you will share. This is a way to keep Anne with us. 

Peace and love.

Dave Myers



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